Kids of age 5-15

Minimum age for independent driving and/or driving in two-seater go-kart is 5 years.
Go-karts are assigned based on kids' height. (Small and medium go-kart - 80 kn/10 mins, large go-kart - 90 kn/10 mins)
Adults are not allowed to be on the track during kids' rides (as drivers or passengers).

Open hours for kids

Saturday and Sunday 9am - 1pm
Tuesday and Thursday 2pm - 4pm

Registration and statement of responsibility

Minors coming for the first time must be accompanied by parents. Parents must sign the statement of responsibility for the minors. Registration is obligatory for all new members and costs 20 kn.

Additional information

Reservations are not accepted.
Minors are not allowed to drive double go-karts.
For all additional information please read FAQ or send email to or call +35 1 7787 534

Go-kart school

Karting Arena Zagreb presents you a new project - KARTING SCHOOL PROGRAM for kids!

Through theoretical and practical sessions, your child will become familiarised with:

  • Proper sporting conduct on track
  • Flags used on track, their meaning and appropriate conduct
  • Technical instructions on how to master turns, correct braking and accelerating
  • Mastering the ideal line on track
  • Overtaking of other racers
  • Opportunities to compete and participate in races

Each child will receive guidance from our expert staff and will carry out an individual three-level training session:

Level 1 - ROOKIE


  • Familiarisation with the go-kart vehicle
  • Familiarisation with the safety gear (helmet, rib protector, neck protector, gloves, balaclava)
  • Basics of go-kart driving - correct use of brakes, correct turning and use of the steering wheel
  • Behaviour in the pit lane and on the track - culture of driving
  • Proper conduct in case of vehicle breakdown, assistance on the track


  • Familiarisation with the track, the safety gear and the go-kart
  • Practical application of theory (donning of safety gear, sitting in the go-kart, basics of braking, accelerating and turning)
  • Developing a sense of security on the track and in the go-kart
  • Driving a go-kart behind the instructor


  • Consolidation of the theory learned in Level 1
  • Familiarisation with the flags, the scoreboard & the rotating warning lights
  • Correct reactions - collision avoidance
  • Demonstration of the ideal racing line (at our track as well as in general)
  • Basic racing rules


  • Driving around cones for achieving the ideal line
  • Mini race - preparation for the Mini GP league
  • Driving in a two-seater go-kart
  • Mastering the ideal racing line
  • Individual training session
  • Race simulation
  • Line of offense and defense
  • Preparation for the GP league - rules of the competition, explanation of the qualifications, race, meaning of the individual flags in the race, penalties for drivers in the race, race scoring
  • Children between 7 and 18 can attend karting school
  • Child has to be over 130 cm in height
The Karting school will take place in four sets of 20-minute training sessions.
The price is 690 kn. Reservation is required.
Sign up your child to karting school today!
LevelGift received upon level completion
Level 1T-shirt and a balaclava
Level 2Diploma "Active Driver"
Level 3Diploma "Racing Driver"
  • 2pm - 4pm
  • 1pm - 3pm

  • * Make a reservation: +385 1 7787534 or