Indoor & Outdoor track

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Go kart fleet

Our go-kart fleet includes 31 top go-karts world's leading manufacturers of racing go-karts, Sodi and CRG in which even beginners feel like professional drivers:

  • 20 go-karts Sodi RX8, Honda 270 ccm 4T
  • 2 go-karts CRG double seat Honda GX270 13 HP
  • 6 go-karts TB, Honda GX120 3,5 HP (children 9-12 years)
  • 3 go-karts CRG baby Honda GX120 5,0 HP (children 6-9 years)

Timing system

timing sistem

Karting Manager

For monitoring your results we are using modern timing system Karting Manager. All the vehicles are equipped with transponders that automate the most precise timing and monitoring of results. During the ride you can follow your results on track screen for each lap, and after the race study and compare your results on screen and print results.
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Your karting manager profile

After registering in the Karting Arena Zagreb you can track your results online! Log in to your Manager Karting Club profile and analyze your results!

Track rules

Protective equipment

- The use of helmets and protection for ribs is MANDATORY.
- After the ride drivers are required to return the equipment at the specified place.

Code of conduct

- Intentionally bumping or unsportsmanlike conduct on the track will be sanctioned by the official staff.

- Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted. Official staff such persons has to take away from the track.

- In case of any technical problems or failure of the vehicle, for which the vehicle is stopped on the track, it is strictly forbidden to leave the vehicle. Report damageto official staff with raising your hand.

- Left pedal is go-kart's BRAKE. Right pedal go-kart vehicle is GAS.

- Pressing brake and gas t the same time is FORBIDDEN. Officials can considere such behavior as the deliberate destruction of the go-kart vehicles.

- After you have finished your ride you are allowed to leave vehicle only when all the vehicles in the box are stopped.

Children under 15 can not go to the track without parental permission, and with mandatory supervision Officials.

Track occupation