Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to most frequently asked questions.

1How long does one ride last?
One ride lasts 10 minutes. However, it can depend on which type of ride do you choose to drive. Check out our Grand Prix rides here.
2Why do I need to register?
Every new member of Karting Arena Zagreb is obligated to register in order to get his own personal Driver Licence. Driver Licence is used to track personal high scores that are measured by our precise timing system. You can choose to be a part of our loyalty program and get discounts on rides or even a free ride. .
Driver Licence is used to track personal high scores that are measured by our precise timing system. For every bought ride, you get 10% credits of that amount back to your Driver Licence! Collect points and get free ride!
Also, win a free birthday ride on your birthday!
After registration, you can visit your profile on the website and check your personal highscore or update your profile any time.
3Do I need to book my arrival?
Reservations are for organised groups and events only and for those driving Grand Prix. (see prices).
4What if I lost my Driver Licence?
No problem, once you register in Karting Arena Zagreb, you are in our system and therefore you don't need to register again.
The cost of making new Driver Licence card is 10 kn.
5What is the minimum age for driving go-kart?
Youngest age allowed is 5 years. We have special terms for children 5-15 years. Minors over 15 years can drive with adults, but their parents must sign a statement of responsibility at their first arrival. Check out our junior karting page here.
6Is driving licence a requirement for driving go-kart?
You don’t need to have driving licence or knowledge of how to drive a car. First-time visitors will get the instructions on the track rules and how to drive go-kart.
7Is there a dress code for driving go-kart?
For safety reasons, it’s best to wear tight clothing. We recommend that you leave your scarves, shawls or belts in our lockers.
Driving in flip-flops or sandals is forbidden.
8How many go-karts will be on track at the same time?
That depends, but it usually runs up to ten karts at once. Exceptionally, our staff can reduce the maximum number of go-karts.
9Can I bring my own helmet?
Yes, you can bring your own helmet, but it has to be closed one (with visir) and with chin protector.
10Can I use a GoPro cam?
Only some of our helmets have a stand for GoPro cam. Using cams such as GoPro is at your own risk. We do not allow attaching a cam on the go-kart vehicle, it has to be attached on the driver.
11Can driving go-kart be dangerous?
The design of the circuit, the safety barriers, the staff training and continued monitoring, the protective racewear, the general culture of safety first among all staff, all go towards ensuring we are as safe as we possibly can be.
12When do you open the outdoor track?
That depends on weather conditions. The outdoor track must be perfectly dry in order to maximize your safety on the track.
Didn't find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us! Send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call to +385 1 778 7534.